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What are we without a label ?

Can we exist in relationships without a label? Are we only someone’s girlfriend, wife, husband,  boyfriend, fiance  if they declare us as such to the general public? There are so many different types of relationship now. I like to think we spend our younger years trying out a few of the different ones and working… Continue reading What are we without a label ?

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It’s this or that. But never both. (relationships)

Why is it, in relationships it’s like one extreme or  another. For example, you either have love. Or you don’t. You can try and hide from it, you can use different expression of hope and mutual adoration. But essentially, it’s either love or it’s not. Or is it? I have learned to know, this is a… Continue reading It’s this or that. But never both. (relationships)

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My badly balanced act

I read a post earlier today about life pushing and pulling in a range of different directions. It seems to me that there are a million tiny things that always need attention. We have to do our best to juggle them. In my experience, the success of this juggling varies significantly over time and circumstance.… Continue reading My badly balanced act