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Go get yourself (Love) unzipped

What is more fantastic about a relationship than the stripping back? When you  get to be the person that unzips and finds the real individual? Underneath all the pomp and circumstance, underneath the public mask, underneath the everything.  Finding the base of a person laid bare to be loved. Understanding all the tiny things that… Continue reading Go get yourself (Love) unzipped

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What are we without a label ?

Can we exist in relationships without a label? Are we only someone’s girlfriend, wife, husband,  boyfriend, fiance  if they declare us as such to the general public? There are so many different types of relationship now. I like to think we spend our younger years trying out a few of the different ones and working… Continue reading What are we without a label ?

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Setting the relationship record straight?

When we think about our past relationships are we actually remembering the real thing? Are we basing all expectations of future relationships on a relationship that actually wasn’t at all like what our mind has let us remember? I have recently had some communication with the love without fear guy.  ( Check out my post… Continue reading Setting the relationship record straight?