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Counting down ……

We are almost at that time of year again. That time of year when everything is amplified and more pressurised and just more. Don’t worry though, I am not some kind of Christmas martyr! It’s the time of year when you are thrown together with all sorts of people you wouldn’t ordinarily choose to spend… Continue reading Counting down ……

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Is there such thing as individual privacy in relationships?

When you are in a relationship what is the acceptable level of maintained privacy? By this, I mean do you as an individual give away your right to any level of privacy the moment you enter into any kind of exclusive relationship? Is it just┬ánot ok to keep some things to yourself? I would like┬áto… Continue reading Is there such thing as individual privacy in relationships?

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My badly balanced act

I read a post earlier today about life pushing and pulling in a range of different directions. It seems to me that there are a million tiny things that always need attention. We have to do our best to juggle them. In my experience, the success of this juggling varies significantly over time and circumstance.… Continue reading My badly balanced act