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Sitting by ….

When I was younger I used to think the hardest thing about being in love was being apart.

But actually, the hardest thing about being in love is this …..

It’s to have to sit by and watch that special person in your life be so sad, to not take it personally, to not constantly seek reassurances it’s not about you ( when it has been you in the past) and to not live in fear that this is the time he’ll call time and it will all be over. To trust in the fact it’s the illness causing the sadness, to not to try and fix it or to understand it. To love through it, in spite of it.

I make mistakes daily, i’m very aware of that. I just want him to be happy and to play a part in that happiness. He deals with so much, the bad days, the anxiety, the medication, the millions of horrible side effects. Me!

I may never act in the right way, but my reasons are the right ones. That’s the best I can do and i’ll always try my best.





2 thoughts on “Sitting by ….

  1. Love can help comfort us but prayer can move mountains and change lives. I pray that this situation improves for both of you. May God’s mercy, healing, grace, love and joy locate you both today in Jesus name. He is fortunate to have you and may neither of you take each other or what God is going to do for you for granted. Walk in faith and don’t give up no matter what!

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