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Destination: Nowhere

They say it’s all about the journey, which is all very well when you are in your 20’s but not even a bit ok when you are hurtling towards your mid  30’s.

The fact that I was so desperate to get married when I was in my early 20’s is the cause of much of my laughter  these days, I knew absolutely nothing then it’s no wonder that didn’t end well. I should have been more laid back about it, I should have realised that life has so much more to offer. But my mind was set, the target was clear, big diamond ring and happily ever after was crucial before the age of 25.

I had it in the bag at 23, that lasted 10 years. ( I kept the ring )

I had so much time and potential then, no strings, big wide world. Now those things are restricted or fast running out.

I recently realised that I am in an amazing relationship, to nowhere and now I am worried. Firstly I wasn’t even sure why we were bothering. I asked him what the point was when he has clearly stated I’ll never be the one,  and he said he likes to spend time with me. I was like, yeah that’s fine in your 20’s ( he still is ) but I am really wondering how much time I can allocate of the precious 30’s to this person before I will have to move on and find some who at least will consider a future with me.

Even though, to be clear. I don’t want to leave him. I don’t want either of us to have relationships with other people. But do I really have any choice?

I hate to view this as a waste of time because nothing could be further from the truth. But it is crystal clear I’ll never be enough to change his mind, we clearly just want different things. He has the time and I don’t think I do?

So I guess I am interested in your thoughts and opinions on the following question:

If they quite clearly see no future with you, then what is the point in continuing to invest in the relationship?



3 thoughts on “Destination: Nowhere

  1. The phrase “… sees not future” is very ambiguous- like did a fortune teller tell him that you guys are going to to end your relationship in the near future or something? I think a talk needs to happen to determine the ‘why.’ Is it because he doesn’t want to get married (and you do)? Is it because he doesn’t want kids (and you do)? Once you establish why he feels the way he does, you need to evaluate whether or not you can settle/compromise/life with the consequences. If you make each other happy, that should play a large part in the final decision- those types of people don’t come around everyday… But it’s not fair to either one of you to expect something from the other if they’re not willing/able to deliver.

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    1. This is sound advice! The marriage and kids thing is a sticking point but it have already been there and done that so maybe I could live without it?! Who knows! Thanks for reading and commenting xx

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