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No, but thank you

As another year has flown by and I now should be known as LifeHostage34 I thought I would tell you a nice story. A true one that happened to me a little while back.

It’s been a hell of a year for a few reasons. Yet one thing I am absolutely certain of is that love and romance still exist. Even though my relationships have changed over time, I have never lost the faith that somewhere, there is just the perfect person for me. Waiting to love me in spite of all my flaws ( of which there are many!) There will be someone who wants to build a home with me, explore life with me and maybe even have a family with me. Someone is that person.

The million dollar question is WHERE IS HE???

I have written a few times about traditional methods of finding a partner vs the maze of online opportunities. I have told you all about my frustrations that for some reason we struggle to talk in person now and we hide ourselves behind smart phones and laptops and type our deepest thoughts to strangers rather than people we meet.

A few weeks ago, in an afternoon of torrential rain, in a carpark in a small town, one man restored my faith.

It was a pay and display car park, I had my bag and my umbrella and my phone poised on the parking app. A stranger approaches me by the sign and says, ‘Don’t worry, I’m happy to get that for you. It’s not a problem’ I told him I was ok for the parking but thanks for the offer. he responded by saying ‘well seeing as we are both already in the rain would you like to go and get a cup of coffee?’

That’s right readers, a man, in real life, asked me out on a date. It STILL HAPPENS! Inside I was utterly delighted. Unfortunately he didn’t really appear to be my type and I was already late for a meeting. So I said.

Thank you, but no. ( He then gave me some very welcome directions to where i needed to be!)

I was thanking him for restoring my faith in the old fashioned dating game.

He of course had no idea that was the case. Maybe he makes a habit out of it. Maybe he just hangs around that car park all day and asks out women! Even so. I am glad it’s still going on out there in the real world.



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