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If only we were all the same ……..

People don’t all behave the same….. This is an important lesson in love and life and I have been learning the hard way recently.

Some of my readers might remember way way back when I wrote a post about being left alone in the dark ( Ever been left crying alone in the dark?), well, that very nearly happened again. But this time, he came back. ( I might come back to this another day, this really shows how far we have come in our relationship – he never even glanced back last time )

There is something so dangerous about the cocktail that consists of  dark evenings. Secrets, alcohol and love. It doesn’t take much for situations like this to become out of control, for words to cut through you like a knife, for tears to pour down your face. For there to feel like no way back.  More often than not everything is better in the morning but these events leave scars don’t they. Words can’t be unsaid can they, no matter how hard you try to un-hear them, they will continue to run through your mind on a loop for the foreseeable.

But all you need in that morning is reassurance. What happens when you don’t get it? Can’t get it? Are apart because you can’t be together, What would you do? Because I tell you what I would do, I would amend my plans to make it happen, I would leave and make time and run. I would give the time and affection  no matter what the cost.  But we aren’t all the same are we?

I have spoken to people in both my personal and professional lives about this issue that I have In expecting all other people to behave exactly how I would in situations.  I find myself disappointed a whole lot because of this. I rarely get the response I want to anything. I am working hard on it but essentially I want people to treat me as I would treat them. I don’t think that is too much to ask? Apparently it is though and I only have my own high expectations to blame for that.

We all respond differently, we behave differently , we are individuals. I guess the key to finding a great person to share a life with is to find someone who is similar in their responses to you, who can understand your view even though it isn’t exactly the same as theirs.

2 thoughts on “If only we were all the same ……..

  1. I think the second part is the most important. They don’t have to react the same way as you would as long as they are thoughtful enough to understand what you need. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time of it.

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