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Relationships –  the ultimate collaboration?

Are relationships the ultimate in collaboration?

I think they might just be. I started to think about couples who have really nailed it. There is loads of them. The Brit in me always defaults to The Queen and Prince Philip, he has recently just stepped down from official royal duties at the grand aged of 96, for 70 years those two have been steadfast in their mutual support and obvious affection for each other. Rarely is a public partnership so successful over such an incredible passage of time.

In a slightly different but equally successful way we have our David and Victoria Beckham’s, Our Kim and Kanye’s and until recently we had our Brad and Angelina, but it seems there the public success of their partnership was at the detriment to their love and relationship. Which is a shame. But all these couples have basically achieved world domination and their relationship has been at the centre of this. It shows we all love a love story doesn’t it!

You  don’t have to be a high profile celebrity to have a really great collaborative relationship though. I think it is as simple as knowing one another well. Of complimenting each others strength and weakness, of understanding where the other person needs you and being there, before they have even realised that they need support.

It’s the proactive nature of love and respect. It’s the searching out ways to make things better, it’s putting the other person first sometimes. It’s about taking risks and pledging your trust.

This way I think we all feel like we can do more, we have less fear. It’s always better when someone has your back isn’t it?

It seems to me, we can achieve so much when we come together. But we must not lose sight of the important things ( don’t do a brangelina!)

The majority of things in life come at a cost, let’s just not let the cost be love.

7 thoughts on “Relationships –  the ultimate collaboration?

  1. Yes. Respect and love – you need to know the other person has your back. If you can’t be vulnerable with them, there’s something off. If you can’t trust them, there’s something off. I think it is the ultimate collaboration!

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