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Is some love only supposed to be temporary?

Because, like, not every love lasts. In fact the majority of them combust, or fizzle into nothing, few people nowadays find a love that lasts a lifetime ( I am insanely jealous of those ) . You may have some great memories and those people may leave a legacy but the love stops. It’s a temporary fix rather than a lifestyle.

So how can we sift out which ones are which? I have been in several relationships where I have been the ‘holding love’ and by  this I mean, we dawdled along quite happily together but it was pretty obvious I was never going to be the one and when an opportunity presented we both moved on. Did i know at the time i was the ‘hold’? I am not sure, but it is blindingly obvious now!! You Live and learn, eh?  When I was younger it didn’t feel like a waste of time, I would probably feel differently now I am the wrong side of 30. I mean, who has actually got time to be the caretaker of a love just so that it can be kept company whilst it waits for the right person to show up? We are busy people with busy lives!

Can temporary love really be true love? I kind of think it can only be lust. Maybe with a bit of friendship and infatuation thrown in.

Because for love to thrive don’t we need to at least believe it is the real thing that will last forever? Otherwise, what is the point?

I am not interested in holding the fort for someone else.   I am far too old and jaded now to bother unless it’s for real, and I feel good about that. Other people may feel differently.

Though I will say something, temporary anything, when it comes to relationships can be thrilling. And exciting and completely absorbing. We should all have at least one of these experiences in our romantic lives, But whether or not it is really love, is incredibly difficult to say.


10 thoughts on “Is some love only supposed to be temporary?

  1. I think love can be temporary. I think you can really love somebody but know that in the long run it would destroy either you, or them, or both of you so you have to walk away. I think short-term, it’s lust, but unfortunately not all love is forever… We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope the one we find is one that lasts!

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  2. This is a great topic especially in a world we live in now where everyone it appears to be just casually dating. I would have to be in agreement with the above person that “temporary” love majority of the time is simply lust based which is why it ends up being temporary. Very thought provoking. Love it.

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  3. Love cannot be defined as temporary or permanent..In a permanent relationship you can still feel a temporary unhappiness and even in a temporary relationship, you may get a feeling of ecstasy even it is for a moment….I think Love is an eternal feeling…

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