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Investing in ourselves or others?

I have recently found myself on the  brink of what could be a great  opportunity. It’s a business one. It would require some investment and a lot of hard work BUT it could be the game changer, it could reduce my 40 hour working week, offer me some flexibility in my routine,  it will increase my income, allow for some financial independence and be something for me.

But I am struggling to find the self confidence to jump in and give it a try. All I need to do is believe that I could do it and motivate myself to do my best. But even so, I am beginning to doubt whether I can even say yes.

The terrifying thing about it all is I have been totally shocked by the lack of support of some of the people close to me. Not many of them are interested in the longer term benefits, they are only interested in the strain on my time ( which is probably a bit valid as I am pretty stretched already ),  they are not interested in taking me seriously and hearing all the information. They are only interested in how it might effect them.

It’s been an alarming but significant realisation.

I spend so much time being supportive of other people’s initiatives and listening and researching on their behalf and getting enough information to give an informed opinion. Why is it then that hardly anyone shows me the same in return? Maybe that is where I should find the time to invest in my business? by quitting the one sided investment in others?

I feel like I am on the edge of a period of significant self discovery. But I really struggle to make choices without the endorsement of others. I have so much fear. Fear of failure, I am probably failing quite magnificently already, at the stuff I already do. Am I completely insane for even considering adding another challenge? Is this just a blind stab at bettering myself and my circumstances? What are the chances I will actually do well at it? Maybe they are all  right? Maybe I am just not cut out to do any more than I do now.

I am supposed to be near to a decision, but I just don’t know what to do for the best.

I am in a crisis of confidence. I feel invalid and lonely .  And I am not sure I can see an end to it.

Who out there has just gone for it without the support of friends and family? How did you get on?


20 thoughts on “Investing in ourselves or others?

  1. I know what it is like to support the dreams of others and not have them return the encouragement when the shoe was on the other foot. Like you, I would not feel comfortable making a move in my life without the support or encouragement of those around me.

    I later learnt that living like that only kept me back from doing what I really wanted to do. If nothing else it kept me fearful and fostered a lot of self doubt. I learnt that I needed to believe in myself and my abilities and trust that God will see you through this.

    Take your fear and use it as a motivator to succeed. Prove it to yourself that you have what it takes to see this thing through and make it happen. If you have researched it and really believe you can improve your life then – GO FOR IT! You have my support. 🙂

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  2. My advise is to just do it, whatever ‘it’ is. You have to live life and learn for yourself. Sure, you can take the advice of others, but who are you living for? You, right?

    When I moved out of my parents house, I got a job that neither of my parents nor my boyfriend at the time, thought was suitable. I ended up being the top performing employee for that company for 3 months in a row and I was only there for 4. I excelled in that position, but discovered that it wasn’t the right fit for me and moved on.

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  3. Whatever happens has some reason behind it. I would suggest you to go with the flow. Go out consult people indirectly, but lastly listen to you heart and you compatibility with the situation. Just be happy and go for it. Opportunities don’t come again and again.

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  4. I think you can do it. I believe you can do it. You CAN do it! Go for it! The fear is always there and it shows us how much we want something. You should definitely do it! As for those not supporting you… Maybe they are trying to protect you but they’re not helping. Tell them you need them to have their back!

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      1. hahahah no problem!! Thanks so much for your support. I am still undecided – i think i am going to say i need more time. Well done you though, you are totally smashing it on your blog – almost 1k followers!! X

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  5. I understand how difficult it can be to make a life-changing bet on yourself without the support of the nearest and dearest. But I agree with Quinn – it might be these people are not completely there for you because they don’t realise how much you need them right now. Still, it’s great to be surrounded by those who care, and who will support you no matter what happens in your life next 🙂

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  6. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” – Og Mandino

    I’m curious of the result of this post! I wish you the best. Be brave and be wise! 🙂


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