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Go get yourself (Love) unzipped

What is more fantastic about a relationship than the stripping back? When you  get to be the person that unzips and finds the real individual? Underneath all the pomp and circumstance, underneath the public mask, underneath the everything.  Finding the base of a person laid bare to be loved.

Understanding all the tiny things that make them tick. Taking out all of the environmental and external influences and just seeing them for what they truly are.

I’ll tell you the single thing that is better. It’s being undone yourself. It’s letting people in. It’s being seen without your make up face on, it’s opening up your mind to new things and it is abandoning all stereotypes.

Because my 33 years’ experience tells me that the best relationships at all are the ones that exist  beneath the shiny exteriors.

From the outside I am many things, but undone I am so much more. Everyone is. Why is it so hard to let yourself be vulnerable in this way? We should all try to let ourselves go a bit more. To open ourselves up.

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