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Love blindness …

I absolutely believe that I suffer from the condition ( not) commonly known as love blindness.

They say that love is blind. I think that it probably is.

The most wonderful thing about love and relationships is that they often cause us to abandon all reason and we abandon it for that intense, amazing emotion.

When we fall in love we lack the instinct to protect ourselves, because we open ourselves up so wholeheartedly. We are blind to hurt and to pain, we can block out things that might not be supportive of our love, we can wrap it up In cotton wool and cherish it regardless of circumstances.

Sometimes this is bad. Not all love is good. But that’s the thing isn’t it, you have to try it before you can possibly know.

I’ll continue to run blindly into love. And do you know why?

Because where is the fun in knowing all the answers before the start?

That’s the pure brilliance of it. The blindness of love brings hope to us all.


11 thoughts on “Love blindness …

  1. I think you’re right. I think the blindness fades over time but if you’re lucky your blindness wasn’t hiding all that mush, or at least not anything that can be overlooked!

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  2. I agree with your post on love, but I also feel love is a kind of luck. After being divorced twice and in a third marriage I feel luck has a lot to do with a relationship. I also feel luck is involved when you consider people change. It is important to find some who shares your dreams, goals, and hopes in the future

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