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What are we without a label ?

Can we exist in relationships without a label? Are we only someone’s girlfriend, wife, husband,  boyfriend, fiance  if they declare us as such to the general public?

There are so many different types of relationship now. I like to think we spend our younger years trying out a few of the different ones and working out the ones that might be the right type for us. Some of us re-run this ‘test phase’ in our adult years too when circumstances change. When people change.

But is a relationship only a relationship when someone labels it as such? It’s like that age old question…. When is a date a date? Now I have two theories that have been discussed at length. You either have to hold hands AND share food. Or you have to both agree it is a date ( label) – do you have a different definition? Leave a comment and let me know!

What happens in relationship situations where there is no appropriate label or definition? When people close to the couple involved don’t even know it’s ‘a thing’? Does the lack of acknowledgement of the general population, the lack of validation mean it doesn’t exist ?

I hate to think that our entire romantic life is only defined by the labels applied to it, but in the same way, I do worry …

Will the legacy of a relationship without a label completely disappear as time moves on?


22 thoughts on “What are we without a label ?

  1. I think a relationship “without a label” doesn’t exist. You can choose not to label it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a relationship. It’s your actions that define the relationship rather than what you choose to call it. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and IS a duck… well it’s still a duck, however much you might choose to call it a moose.

    I know what you mean though…

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  2. For me, labels are important because they identify each person’s role in the relationship as well as let’s others know you’re spoken for. Labels however, are only a small piece of the equation. Each person in the relationship should live up to the “label” description by the their actions and words. For labels without love and respect are just words.

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  3. I’ve broken off un-labeled relationships because it’s hard to trust someone who’s so ambiguous about their intentions. I think labels serve a specific purpose of defining a person’s role and commitment in a relationship. Sure, the relationship exists regardless of the label, but the solid foundation of commitment might not. There are exceptions, of course–people who are trusting and open enough to not need labels, or false labels people use to lead their partner on–but in general, I’m a fan of labels!

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  4. Hello) found you in the community pool) I really like the post because it is soo open to other’s people’s thoughts! So gotta say mine too) I personally think that having labels may be quite boundary-ish, like you are in cage or something, but as long as you are there with the right person it shoudn’t really be a problem. Personally, I’ve had a relationship where I didn’t understand if we were an item or ‘just friends’ or what. It was very confusing, I’d rather have labels then have that same feeling of not knowing again. So what I’m tryna say is it depends on a human (if he/she feels caged or happy in a ‘relationship’)

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  5. Interesting post. Currently in the phase of question ‘When is a date a date?’ My answers seem to be based on my levels of giddiness and how conscience I am of overanalysing every sentence or touch. Might be more fun if I just stopped with the labels and just let it happen.

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