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Relationships & the curse of social media

The trouble with modern day relationships without a shadow of a doubt, is social media. Because whether you like it or not, there is constant exposure to everything and everyone. Even the stuff you want to ignore or the people you  wish to forget.

Some forms of social media are so hostile too, so you are either in with the cool dudes or you are not, if one half of the relationship is and the other isn’t then that can be all sorts of fun and games. Especially if this takes up a lot of time and lots of complicated friendships are involved. It is really easy to feel excluded from someone else’s online life.

Relationship history and life before the love is kept alive by social media and it makes it almost impossible to leave things and people in the past. Sure you can do some blocking and some unfollowing and stuff but unless everyone you know is willing to do the same then those faces that you despise will still occasionally pop up, in the comments section or, even worse.  The ‘suggested friends’ section. ( I don’t know about you, but I really don’t feel that Facebook is best placed to decide who I might like to be friends with  – they are like the worlds most annoying stalker )

I am sure the original specification of social media was to connect people, but where is the line? Do we really need to know what everyone is doing every minute of the time? Do we really need to know everything about everyone?  It’s like the biggest scandal these days if someone changes their relationship status, or unfollows someone. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone has an opinion on this. And honestly why do they care? I think it’s quite a healthy things to have a friends / followers cull every now and then. These aren’t the most important relationships in our lives, Are they ?

You often see signs in restaurants that say things like ‘we have no wifi – talk to each other instead’ and I’m sad, I am sad that often people are too busy posting about it and judging about it to be actually doing it. In the olden days, when relationships ended you just walked away and very occasionally your paths might cross but that was it, now it’s like our pasts follow us around and make things tricky. All for a few ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.


*** I am going to add here, that yes. You can ‘opt out’ of social media but that in itself causes all sorts of drama and accusations of being ‘unsociable’ and ‘boring’ there is no solution to this problem!***

33 thoughts on “Relationships & the curse of social media

  1. This post is so relevant. Social media is throwing new challenges in relationships and family. At times, you wonder where it all leads up to? People like to share things in online world than to the person with whom they’re sitting or sleeping! Modern paradox!

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  2. I recently took a break from Facebook ‘coz it felt toxic to me eventually…
    It’s a hard decision for me, considering that’s the only means I get to connect with my crush as he isn’t always present at WordPress…
    (My crush and I both agree that we should have a real friendship and not a social media friendship)

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  3. Good read! Totally agree, but more importantly social media (I feel) opens the door for people (with no morals) to creep in! Constantly, trashy women send friend request to my fiance. Constantly I get friend requests from men who are just creeps and add just ANYONE. And it doesn’t stop there, they send messages and everything! People have seriously lost ALL RESPECT for themselves…trying to break up a family because their lonely or just wanna be a hoe..sorry just had to put that out there lol

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  4. I kinda like the way you put out the truth! It all depends on the way you carried your past relationships. I am writing a relationship- psychology blog. Really hope to see you there. Waiting for your valuable opinions on my writings 😊

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  5. This is very true this is something I have struggled with. I’m not a fan of social media but I love technology and the things it offers. I find my self drawn to more sedate form of social media like blogs.

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  6. Great post!!! I feel Social media has ruined this generations idea of “relationships”. If people have a problem with their spouse then they run to social media first. Some people feel more validated by how many likes/comments they get more than the person they’re dating complimenting them.

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