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It’s a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to relationships

Relationships are so much more like a marathon than a sprint. But the trouble is, unlike an actual real life marathon there is no planning time or training time or prep time for a relationship. They just happen. Usually when we least expect it , because lets face it, we have all been guilty of looking too hard for a special someone at times in our lives and that rarely ever actually throws up anyone worth keeping hold of. ( we make questionable decisions when on the verge of desperation – so I have heard )

In a relationship, we don’t even have our tried and tested running shoes. Because just because you’ve had a successful relationships in the past doesn’t necessarily mean you will again ( though if the running shoes have got you the distance once, they generally will continue t o  ) Because all the factors are different aren’t they ?

But you know what, marathons and relationships actually have a scary amount in common. Most prolifically it’s the tough bits and the easy bits. So first off, things are shaky, it’s the getting to know you stage, the working out the dynamics stage it’s the finding your stride phase.  But once you are into it, the bit that follows is wonderful. It’s the plain sailing, it’s probably up to about mile 12. Then you fall in love. ( Or hit a wall, if you are actually running) now this is not a bad thing. You know me, I am a massive fan of love. But even so, I realise that actually those 3 words, those 8 letters, they are a game changer. The relationship has to adapt, the stakes are higher now and it takes more, I think to be able to press on. But again, once you breach that wall you get the rewards.

Now between here and miles 26 and a bit, it’s hard work. But sometimes the crowd will spur you on, sometimes your mind will wander and actually you cover way more ground that you thought yourself capable. There will be bits where you just can’t go on, where you need extra support, where you just need someone to believe in you. Even when you think you are not worth it.  But that’s the thing about relationships isn’t it? If you believe in it, even when you can’t believe in yourself. You will always have that person with you who does, who can remind you of all that you have achieved and all that you can do.

If you run a marathon, eventually you will finish. Even if you hobble over the finishing line.  A relationship may or may not end, and your condition will vary greatly. But in the same way as that great run, you’ll know you’ve worked hard at it, you’ll be proud of what you have achieved and it will always be a part of your history.


8 thoughts on “It’s a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to relationships

  1. I liked this! I’ve never run a marathon and don’t even own reliable running shoes, but I have been in a pretty good relationship this last long while… Maybe I should take up the marathon running!

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