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Rose tinted ‘someday’

I think it is really hard to think about life and love without thinking about your rose tinted ‘someday‘  Where everything is perfect and life is exactly as you want it to be, with exactly the right person, without risk or compromise. Because it seems to me, that it is absolutely possible to think that love will be enough. The romantic in me always wants to believe that if there is enough love, then all the other things can be defied.

But is this really the case in actual real life?

I have wondered often if our need for love is stronger and more crucial than our need for anything else? What about our need for security and for friendship and freedom and adventure and support ? You see to me, you need all of that to have love. So I just don’t understand how they can be viewed as separate ‘needs’ when selecting a partner and creating an ideal relationship scenario ( is there such thing? We might come back to this another day! )

This is causing me quite a significant amount of confusion! I guess it is not helped by the fact that this ‘someday’ image can be constantly changing over time. I have written before about happiness and I said something like, how do you know where to find happiness if you have absolutely no idea what you are looking for. This is the same thing really, if the image or the concept of the perfect ‘someday’ keeps altering then how can you possibly achieve it?

What does it mean if ‘someday’ never comes? How can we change the vision of ‘someday’ to ‘oneday’? I feel like having these aspirations in love and relationships can be a good and bad thing in equal measure. If you get there. It will literally be the best thing ever. If you don’t, it’s probably going to hurt like hell. But then that has never put any of us off in the past has it?

6 thoughts on “Rose tinted ‘someday’

  1. Interesting, as well as a thought provoking read. The romantic in me will very rarely view future love/life with “rose tinted” glasses on because the romantic in me wants to believe the real love “just happens” (and isn’t confusing, challenging, etc).

    But truth be told (in my opinion) nothing is perfect, love takes work, and most everything in life (especially relationships) requires some type of compromise. Love is more than just a word; it’s all encompassing! Love is all these needs (as well as feelings) rolled into one! It’s Security, respect, sacrifice, compromise, friendship, it’s him/her before you, understanding, compassion…the list just goes on and on.

    As far as “where do you find happiness”? You find happiness within yourself. You start with you and everything else will fall into place; as it should. No one else can make you as happy as you make you. Don’t get me wrong, the love of your life CAN (and should) enhance your happiness but ultimately it is up to YOU to be happy.

    Someday WILL come. You’re vision (if you’re like me) of someday WILL change over time. And one day you will wake up to find that someday has arrived.

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