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2017 – Ramping up the romance

I don’t make resolutions, instead I have decided this is the year. I am on a one women mission to ramp up the romance. It was no coincidence that my most popular post last year was ‘is romance dead‘  we are all worried about it! We all want more love and loveliness in our lives.

I am not however, even going to attempt to describe to you what this all looks like. Certainly I don’t tend to have relationships with very classically romantic men and I have come to realise, that romance comes in many many different forms.

So historically, it’s all love letters and flowers and dates of dancing and wrist corsages. I think it would be totally unrealistic to hope that things will go back to this. We’ve moved on. The whole culture and the way that society views love and relationships is different now and whether we agree or disagree that this is for the better, it is what it is.

What does it look like to you? I wrote in my previous post it was about making ordinary days extraordinary. I absolutely stand by this. It might be a WhatsApp first thing ( like, I’ve woken up and my first thought is you ), it might be a cup of tea, it might be ‘I read this article / heard this song – I think you’ll like it ‘. It might also be ‘ surprise, we are off to Paris’ But you know, we can’t always rely on the grand gestures, in this economy we need to get better at expressing ourselves without spending a penny! ( ooh , I tell you what – head over to Emotional Spaces, these two have been keeping my faith in love alive!)

In a world where the news is full of hate and dispute, what can we do to appreciate the good stuff? how can we make someone else’s day extraordinary?  Can you find the energy and the time? Can you help someone shine? Can you prioritise love in your life?

So who is with me? Who is going to take this year and believe in love with me? You might have it, you might want it, you might be really looking for it, leave me a comment or follow me on Twitter (@lifehostage32) and let me know.

14 thoughts on “2017 – Ramping up the romance

  1. Wholeheartedly agree! I think we have such a high expectation of the love we want, but it does only take the little things to make someone’s day.
    I’ve been on a downer on love for a few months and literally the day I thought “dammit! open your mind!?” and I ended up having a date within two days (weird I know!)

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  2. Oh Boy! That was quite a surprise. Thanks a lot for this and for your consistent consideration to us. It is heartwarming to know that the love we share becomes something to reckon with.

    As for your post, I guess I will say this:
    “All I want
    Is the little things you do
    With a lot of love”

    May you find that what you seek. And thank you again for the mention. We appreciate it.

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  3. Oh and one more thing, love is the only thing that is worth believing in. The only thing that DOESN’T hurt. It’s a misconception that it does. On that note, we wish you lots and lots of love, but more so the faith in love.

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  4. Loved this post, for me romance is the gift card to HomeDepot for our 5 yr wedding anniversary as he knows me so well 😬 and having someone who makes me laugh every single day, even the days I don’t want to laugh

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  5. Great post! When you mentioned modern romance, I immediately thought about a moment earlier this week when my husband said “Thank you so much for folding my laundry so nicely! I know it takes a lot of time, and it make me feel loved.” It was so sweet of him to notice, and he made me feel so special for doing the most ordinary of chores! It was also a good reminder of all the loving acts that are hidden in plain sight in our daily lives.

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  6. I agree. In fact, I’ve decided this year to do more planned (surprise) trips for my hubby. We’ll go somewhere near and spend the night. To answer your question, I think “romance” is simply showing someone that you’ve thought about them and the relationship you’ve both committed to, however that may be.

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