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Ups and Down’s of 2016 ….

And that’s another year over, as we say farewell to the ups and downs of 2016 I have picked out some of my favourite posts from the year and decided to tell you a bit more about where they came from. I should say that I haven’t included some of the sadder, darker posts here because sometimes it’s best just to move on from them.

Is there such a thing as individual privacy in relationships? This came from a real life incident where my privacy had been brutally invaded. I wasn’t happy about it ( I am still not )

Putting your trust in trust This was as a result of the inspirational word ‘trust’ ( I love to take part in the inspiration word posts – you’ll see several of these blogs were based on those ) I’ll hold my hands up and say I have trust issues. Mainly because generally I feel like I am not good enough and I absolutely wouldn’t blame people for seeking out someone better. I realise this is not helpful in an adult relationship though. You can’t have love without trust. I am working hard on being better at this. Only where deserved though obviously.

It’s a weapon This came from the inspirational word Silence, through my adult life relationships I have been punished with silence. To me it is the most hurtful thing of all. It’s like once the walls are built you are powerless to make things better. Silence terrifies me.

Cake & Love. Same Same This was a light hearted post. The inspirational word was cake, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured – yeah. Cake and Love. Essentially the same thing 🙂

treading water in the sea of life Inspired by the word ‘Depth’ In this post I tell you more about me. About my life and about how I feel like I am doing an excellent impression of someone who has got it all worked out, but essentially I am completely out of my depth. I write blogs to help.

Who is in charge of our choices?, I wrote this inspired by someone I know. I feel like we are in control of the choices we make, but I was challenged on whether or not it is really that straight forward in real life.

Makers and Breakers – who are the people we need in our lives? Only the makers – sometimes its difficult to rid yourself of the breakers. The important thing is you celebrate the makers. Tell them they make a difference.

Is it better to be an open book? and It’s good to talk (?) these are similar posts. It is really tricky when you are someone like me, who is very open and honest and always wants to talk about things. And you are in a relationship with the absolute opposite. Who has got the right idea?

Being Life’s Leading Lady – This was inspired from one of my favourite movies – he says to her, that there are two different women in movies – the leading lady and the best friend and he doesn’t understand why she is behaving like the best friend. She responds saying ‘ you should be the leading lady of your own life’ and I couldn’t agree more.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months of blogging brings me – hope you’ll stay around to find out

Happy 2017

LH32 xx

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