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Is there a time limit to love? 

I’ve been wondering for a while, when you meet someone new how long is long enough to know if it’s love or not?
Is there a certain amount of time that when that’s passed you just know it’s never going to be that kind of relationship?

I’ve read a few posts lately ( forgive me for not remembering enough to post links) but the general theme seems to be – how much time should we invest in someone before giving up and moving on in the hope of finding true, reciprocated love?

Now, the male camp seems to be  …. over 12 months? Then he is just not that into you. The female camp however, we are optimistic I guess.

Is this just another sign of our inability to wait for anything these days? I mean, I’m all for giving up if you are barking up the wrong tree. But not everything is as fast as fast food these days you know!

When did we all get in so much of a rush that we don’t even have the time to wait for those words?


20 thoughts on “Is there a time limit to love? 

  1. Excellent question how long? Depends on the patience of the person looking for love. You touched on a good point when did we become so rushed for love that we didn’t have time to wait? Great question. Expand on that thought in another post.

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  2. I think it’s the compatibility rather than duration that one needs to focus on. You can get along with a person easily and click in an instant or it might take you months to understand their nature and whether they’re suitable for you or not. Major step -always get to know them. Inside out. Then take a step forward😊

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  3. It’s not that we’ve become accustomed to not waiting (although that is a valid point). I think we’ve gotten away from using our heart and intuition. There are feelings that emerge when you really love or have fallen in love with someone. I don’t see it as something that you have to wait for. Typically, the men I’ve spoken with all knew they loved and wanted to be with their significant others almost immediately, and they don’t wait to see if some other feeling is going to occur if they don’t feel it. Women, on the other hand, for some reason seem to give people the benefit of the doubt and consider other factors, while waiting to fall in love. This is a great question.

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  4. Intriguing question! From experience (actually from my friends mostly) if a guy is into a girl he will always make the effort almost straightaway (when there’s a will there’s a way, after all). Some girls I feel make the mistake of hanging around too long just to see if they will ever make that move – unfortunately if a guy doesn’t do it, chances are he’s just not that into you! Society’s evolved, time is precious, long gone are the days of hanging out your window waiting for that pigeon to deliver that love note… A related question though, when I first read the title for your post I interpreted it to mean “is there an expiry date for love”? How long is forever? And whether it is love, or responsibility, that stretches into eternity…

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      1. I think “actions speak louder than words” is never more fitting when it comes to love. He doesn’t have to say anything but will make you feel like a million dollar baby. But if a girl really wants to know what the other is thinking, just asking would be a good start 😉

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  5. My view is that there isn’t really a time limit, but you should know when enough is enough. From personal experience, I’ve waited and invested 5 years into a girl who, in the end, never felt the same about me. She knew how I felt, and gave me just enough to keep me going, but kept dating guy after guy, and never even looked at me. I’ve recently decided to just move on and give up. Sometimes you have to know your own worth and realize your own time is valuable as well. You can’t spend a lifetime chasing someone hoping for them to love you. So, that is my answer. There is not a time limit, but know your own value on your time. After all, our society has taught us that time is money, which gives time a value.

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