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My badly balanced act

I read a post earlier today about life pushing and pulling in a range of different directions. It seems to me that there are a million tiny things that always need attention. We have to do our best to juggle them. In my experience, the success of this juggling varies significantly over time and circumstance.

The challenging thing I guess is working out which bits are crucial at exactly which time, then deciding what action ( if any ) needs to be taken, then doing it, then checking then moving on to the next thing. When you are in a relationship the added complexity is that you bring together both peoples life demands and an added expectation on your time and your focus. The benefits of which I always believe outweigh the extra pressures ( you know me – I am a romantic ) plus the support you receive always empowers you to do everything better and with more enthusiasm.

In my life I always feel like I am half heartedly doing things. Because I lack the time or capacity to do things in a complete way. I try my best to focus, but my mind wanders and I can’t help but think ahead and worry about what is coming next. I’ve always told you, in relationships I am all in, but the downside of this is that other aspects of my life have to suffer as a consequence.

How much time and effort should be spent on each thing? Is there are right answer? I know I focus more time on others than I do on myself, I like to support and to empower but I do wonder if I would be better investing this into myself – that would probably be more beneficial in the long run.


2 thoughts on “My badly balanced act

  1. I’m a firm believer that to support others in the way they may need, you need to have that too – whether you’re doing that yourself or having a great support system. Sometimes, you have to do what’s best for you and think about yourself because giving your all to people can get exhausting – and, in that, that’s probably where you’re losing focus. Focus on your goals and yourself for a second and then it’ll settle. No-one will think bad of you for doing what’s best for your life.

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