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Putting your trust in trust…

The trouble with trust is that it is often so easily broken. Once it is, it is almost impossible to get it back. It might just be a one time thing, it might have been broken with the kindest of intentions, but once the damage is done, that is when doubt creeps in. Once that doubt is about, it takes a really amazingly strong person to push it aside.

I would say I have a couple of issues with trust in relationships:

Firstly, when I am in a relationship where I literally cannot believe that they picked me, I am always thinking that it is only a matter of time before they meet someone better. I wouldn’t blame them, I always say …. I do trust them, just not the rest of the female population. But essentially, I realise. It is the same thing.

Secondly, when I have been totally trusting and that trust has been abused. I think this is usual. In the past I have been completely in the moment and full of trust and hope. The result of which made me blind to the obvious. Some people are just not worthy of being trusted. No matter how hard you ( or them ) try.

Why are some people more able to trust in others? without any doubt, without the need for reassurance? Why can’t I turn over a new leaf each time? will I continue to carry around the weight and disappointment of my past? It is just a classic case of once bitten, twice shy?

The thing is, without trust it is almost impossible to have a healthy relationship. You have to put your faith in it. You have to put your faith into other people.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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