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Embracing the what if

‘I don’t want to make you any promises when I don’t know what is going to happen’

We’ve all heard this line. It is always  said with a good intention. But for some reason it absolutely has the ability to make me a little crazy.

It’s because I hate the rational, reasonable approach to relationships. I don’t want a considered approach for the most part. I just want passion and romance, I want people to feel, not to think.  Because who really knows what’s going to happen in the medium to long term?

None of us, that’s who.  Following on from that, some of us don’t really mind. But we want to try! We want to jump in with hope and ambition and see what happens. Because otherwise, it might just been an amazing opportunity lost.

It might also of course, be an absolute disaster, far too many promises are made, that are then completely trampled on, this is hideous at the time, of course it is. But I bet it started something that actually ended up as a good thing. And at least you know then don’t you.

It would be so much worse, to wander around for the entirety of the rest of your days and wonder……

what if?

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