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Lifehostage 32 is now 33…… lessons learned.

I have a dilemma I feel slightly like a fraud now. Because now I am much less Lifehostage32 and much more Lifehostage33.  But I am not going to change my name or anything, I am happy here as I am.  Today I am going to tell you about the last 12 months.

So for all you 20 somethings, and indeed for the rest of my lovely followers and new readers ( welcome),  here is what I learned the year I was 32 ( with links to past posts ) …….

  • There are 2 types of people in life, the makers and the breakers. Make sure you choose the right ones to keep close.  ( The makers and the breakers)
  •  A life without love is a life half lived, but love without fear is something altogether more  ( Love.)

But more than anything, I have learned that there is a lot to be said for writing things down to process them, to share with others to get different points of view. It is incredibly empowering and exciting when people like what you write or leave a comment, or hit the follow button and that is something I will be continuing right through my 33rd year …..

Wherever that may take me.


2 thoughts on “Lifehostage 32 is now 33…… lessons learned.

  1. Such optimism! Although I’m only 22 I can attest to each and every one of these things. Writing is incredibly empowering. It is a way to tell your story. Here’s to 33 more!

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