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The art to just being ……

Sometimes life is wonderful, sometimes it sucks, sometimes we are working towards something significant and at other times we are just drifting along, recharging,  but for some reason it is the drifting that is the most challenging.

It makes me wonder ……….. Is there an art to just being?

Historically I have not been good at not having a focus, though it took me a while to realise this. For a period of my life, well  for the best part of the last 10 years there has always been something going on. Firstly there was a new house, then there was a wedding and then a new job, and then a baby, and then another baby and then another new house and then a couple more new jobs and now…..?

Well I appear to be just being.

Nothing significant is on the horizon. But for the first time I don’t think it is a problem. I don’t feel lost, I don’t feel like I need a project. In fact I think I know myself better now than I have done in a long time and that is largely due to the company I keep.

Is the need for something to focus on, to do a common thing? Does everyone actually exist in the constant cycle of doing? Does the lack of focus and purpose make people lost? Unsure? Unhappy?

What happened to the simple life? It sounds very appealing to me.


17 thoughts on “The art to just being ……

  1. Very good read, I enjoyed your perspective on this. For me having a focus means being in the moment with whatever I am doing, what needs doing at any given time. This is my challenge, to stay with my focus (what I am doing) and not have my mind wandering somewhere else and missing the whole doing.

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  2. Nice post. I think a simple life doesn’t exist for many because they are in a race (or competition) to have bigger and better than everybody else. New cars, new houses, new phones…it seems that some people are always trying to outdo everybody else. I am not like that. I do try for a simple life and try to instill those qualities into my kids.

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