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Is romance dead?

Who is it that said that romance is dead?

I think it might have been me.

I long for the days of written letters ( on paper I mean) of proper dates, of being introduced rather than swiping left or swiping right, of being walked home, of holding hands, of ‘courting’. Does this still happen for some people in some places? I really hope so!

Instead here we are in a society largely ruled by smart phones and social media and there is even a dating show at the moment called undressed, where the first thing you do is undress each other?! I mean, come on! What happened to finding people who share your interests and going out and doing fun things together, what happened to walking in the park and have actual conversations? When did we all get so blooming jaded when it comes to romance?

Historically, things were so different and lets face it – most of the time it worked! People got married young and these are the relationships that are lasting the distance. What is going to happen to our generation? Are they even going to be Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries anymore? Are we all just too old by the time we get married? I think we will all be dead before reaching 50 or 60 years of marriage.

I guess the term ‘romance’ means totally different things to different people, it is someone knowing the things you like and the things that make you happy . It’s the selfless behaviour, it’s the reaffirmation of feelings, and sometimes, just sometimes it’s the HUGE gesture. It’s candle lit dinners and cream roses ( never red – you hear me guys? Never red)

Do you want to know what romance means to me? It is someone going out of their way to make ordinary days extraordinary, because they want to. For you. Because you are special to them and words just aren’t enough to show you how much.

Is romance really dead? I sincerely hope not. I want to see and experience more of it and I bet I am not alone in that.


49 thoughts on “Is romance dead?

  1. Hahaha I laughed when you mentioned “undressed”.. This world has gone so crazy. But fortunately romance isn’t fully dead, myself and my boyfriend are quite old-fashioned (but maybe not to the writing letters level). I guess we are what you call “courting”, small gestures go a long way. We also plan to share our first kiss on our wedding day when he’s told he can now kiss his bride. It’s those little things that mean a lot to us ❀️
    Thank you for this post.

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  2. From what I have seen romance isn’t really dead some people just don’t know what to do after they get the girl/guy. The courting is over because they have them and they don’t know what to do next. People get so comfortable in relationships that they forget to pay attention to their partner and keep them interested. That’s where I think it kind of “dies.”

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  3. What a special moment to catch someone’s eye in a crowded room, or write a letter and place it in his hand, or have a stranger hand you his name and phone number on a piece of paper. I hope it’s not gone forever.

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  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that old-fashioned romance needs to make a come back! I am a champion of love letters, and have tried to encourage every person I’ve been in a relationship to write letters (a few took the hint). I think that surprise flowers (tulips or wildflowers for me), letters, phone calls, and all around trying to let the other person know how much you love them is incredibly important. There isn’t enough of this!
    My grandparents have been married for almost 70 years, and my grandfather STILL leaves little love notes for my grandmother, and gets her flowers once a week. They are just as much in love today as they were when they were first married. It makes me sad that more relationships don’t look like theirs.
    Great post!!!!

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  5. I don’t think that romance is dead… but dating has changed very quickly in the last few years! Tinder doesn’t sound like the most romantic app ever… but I do know people who have fallen in love through using it πŸ˜‰

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  6. We assume too much and expect so little . If women put out there that a man doesn’t need a job they get an underachiever if they put out there they want friends with benefits/booty call they get a player. We put out so little of what we need then expect a different result. If you want romance you have to be romance you attract what you put out or what you are. You can’t say I want romance and then reject a guy who is romantic for a player because he is sexier. Romance is never dead our view of romance needs readjusting.

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  7. You seem like a hopeless romantic and I’m happy to see that there are still some of us left in the world πŸ˜‰ and I loved the way you said it’s all about making an ordinary day extraordinary, the one to remember always. Great post πŸ™‚

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  8. Romance isn’t dead, you just have to search in the right places. These days people swipe right on a photo and everything is based on looks, people browse social media looking at aesthetically pleasing couples, wanting the same. Romance is about finding someone you truly love and doing things that you love with them. Some peoples idea of romance is a romantic stroll along a beach with a dinner in the moon light while being serenaded by someone tall dark and handsome and this is perfectly fine for them, others think romance is spending an afternoon in pajamas watching a movie, and who are we to say which is romantic? I believe if people stopped worrying about how their relationship appears to others and also stopped trying to change their partner into their vision of romantic, things would naturally be more beautiful.

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  9. re: cream roses, never red
    OMG, THANK YOU! Finally someone shares my hatred of red roses!! Sorry about the all caps, I’m just super hyped because most girls, including one of my BFFs, live to receive fuchsia peonies and red roses from guys and I’m just here like omg are you blind/tasteless?! They (red roses esp.) are so ugly, it’s an ugly shade of red, red flowers in general are gross, and that red plus green in a red rose is worst of all! Cream roses = epitome of beauty and elegance; there’s a a reason why they’re inside designer stores and wealthy homes! Apologies for this longer-than-expected rant but, omg, SAME.

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  10. Great post! I feel very much the same way – well except for the red roses part, I’m sorry but I quite like them even if I am a dude. We do live in a fast lane type of society where people want to get things fast. Part of me doesn’t even think it’s just because of technology though. I remember when I was 19/20 and I met this 18 year old girl from Canada on the internet and she wanted to send me bikini photos of her. I was SHOCKED! Like, I thought, you barely know me. Why would you want to do this? Some ten or so years later, that wouldn’t even make me bat an eyelid. Especially considering what people do these days. Part of the problem with the internet though is that people can get to a level of intimacy without even meeting. That in itself is weird because you meet and it’s like “I’ve seen more of you before meeting you so this seems backward”. But people are also more superficial these days and will have made their mind up about whether they want to know you before even talking to you. It’s like, you’re ugly – not interested *swipe*. It’s sad. Part of me thinks finding romance is harder than ever. I want a traditional old school romance. My heart is there to be given. I’m just waiting for someone to meet me half way.

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