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Jealousy – it’s a right bitch

I used to think that being jealous was a complete and utter waste of time. That it was a stupid emotion and that it really has no place in real life. Because where does it get you? What’s the point?! 
But As I have got older I have found myself more and more jealous. Of the lives that people lead, of the things that people have, of the opportunities. 

I have had two relationships in my life where I have been jealous. At times it was all consuming. I hate what it made me, it’s just not pretty is it? 

You want to know a secret? I married my husband because it was the first relationship I had in a while where I felt safe. I had no reason to be jealous, and I still don’t a decade later. 

What makes us so envious of people and what they have that causes us to behave in such as way it inevitably destructs relationships and alienates the people we actually want to be close with.

Is there any solution to jealousy? Is everyone actually jealous of something, but they can just keep it to themselves? Why is it that what we have is never enough? Why do I continually find myself searching for MORE? 


12 thoughts on “Jealousy – it’s a right bitch

  1. Jealousy I think is actually a very telling emotion. At least for me I’ve found in the times I have been jealous my jealous feelings were shinning a light on the things I hadn’t been so successful at myself. I felt no esteem in these areas of my life… like my finances, discipline. I think we as humans have to find peace in the things we have been blessed with. There is room at the top for us all. We have to be clear on what is for us though… (just my two cents)

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  2. Jealousy as an emotion I find myself having everyday. It’s always something so trivial, but what can I say? Once I have it I’m not jealous anymore. Social media makes my jealousy pangs worse.

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  3. Great post! I spent years experiencing jealousy on a massive scale in both my relationships. I’m not certain how I rid myself of it to be honest but one of the first things I did was to tell myself that I had to trust him and know that if I needed to I would deal with any issue if it arises. It’s a the same as worrying about something, it does absolutely zero to prevent or help the situation but certainly eats away your valuable time. The other thing is most definitely working on your own self esteem. If you work on becoming happy with everything that you are then the rest starts to fall in place. I’m confident now that if the partner I’m in a relationship messes up, then I walk away. Take the time out I need and move on. I know I’ve made it sound easy and it’s not, it’s work and dedication but starting now is always the best time. I sometimes find myself feeling jealous of others financial success but then I just remind myself that if I were really that cut up about it, I would go out there hunting it down, just like they probably did. Only my own experience of course, we are all unique.

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  4. hello, this post reminds me of a post I wrote, i relationship I went through back in Uni. I was in love with this guy but he had a bestfriend, a girl and everywhere he was, she had to be there. It drove me nuts. He would always pay more attention to her and not me, they us to act like boyfriend and girlfriend for sure. but he would assure me they are just friends. Here’s my link to my post ‘

    There’s no solution to jealousy, its a feeling we cannot control. It just comes. And in my country, Kenya. This thing called Jealousy is taking young women/men to jail; because we see on facebook, how a young lady stabbed her boyfriend 22times because he found a text message from another woman or a man has killed a university student because he had rumors that she was seen in a club with another man…And those are not the only story, we hear all through. Even yesterday, a woman slashed her boyfriend because of another woman. It’s bad! Anger is a bad thing and I tell myself, that’s a way the devil has found ways in the young generation; through relationship. Because you see and hear things and you wonder why would a human being do this to another human being.
    Thank you for this post.

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