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A little complication never killed anyone did it?

I must ask myself several times a week why I am so insistent on making my life so incredibly complicated.  I mean, what makes us choose to make thing more difficult and complex? When we could just get up everyday and drift along in a sea of loveliness? Trouble is, I am not sure that this sea of loveliness actually even exists. Because even if we choose the easy way, there is still an entire army of people who like to include us in their complicated lives. So we can never fully escape it. Unless we escape life completely ( and you all know how I feel about that ).

When we are faced with choices surrounding our lives, what makes us choose complicated? Does everyone do it? Am I in a minority in the fact that I always seem too though it is never a conscious choice? I just always seem to end up in situations with lots of twist and turns, with multiple factors and impossible outcomes.

I feel like I’m probably just a really complicated person and therefore this life style just follows me around, everything I do and choose and the way I act and everything just leads to complicated.

Would I change it? Probably not. Why? Because life is what you make of it and really, a little complication never killed anyone did it?


7 thoughts on “A little complication never killed anyone did it?

  1. Totally agree with you 🙂 I think we all like to think we have control over things, but more often than not we don’t. I think that is what makes life a little more exciting. Great blog btw. Love the clean look of it.

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  2. Hey, thanks for finding my blog. And you are completely right. Your blog and mine are very similar. Its a strange and certain kind of feeling knowing people are reading your thoughts on display. Hope to read more soon.

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  3. My god… if complicated was a name, it would be my first, my last and my middle. I think we all have the propensity o make things complicated… but that may just boil down to being emotional. Emotions change all the time… meaning things that at one time were simple.. become complicated when our emotions decide to change. White knuckle it hun, before you know it, you’ll have let go and you’ll be onto the next complicated matter xxx

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