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Just to be me ( Luxury)

What type of things do you consider to be a luxury?  I am not really talking in just  a materialistic sense here, though I think that is most common upon hearing the term.  Although I am very partial to the finer things in life, lives filled with multi million pound mansions and fast cars and diamonds don’t guarantee happiness do they? Don’t get me wrong,  I am sure that they sometime help!

In a world filled with consumerism, are these old school luxuries even luxury at all anymore?  When more and more people are getting them , when the exclusivity runs out, do these things lose their appeal? Well, they certainly do to me.

The ultimate luxury for me isn’t  a handbag worth months salary ( though my 20 something self certainly thought it was) , it isn’t flying first class ( though who doesn’t love that) it’s time. It’s simply time.

I am often thinking about things I would like to do, things I would like to achieve, places I would like to go and  the impact I would like to make. But I always park these things. Because I always think to myself ….

‘If I had the time, I would do that’

My life is filled, almost to breaking point. I do a million things badly, I focus too much time on things that are un-necessary, I struggle to prioritise In my personal life, though I have no problems in achieving this in a professional capacity.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up and the whole day stretched ahead of me, where I was the master of my own time keeping. Where no one was waiting, or expecting anything from me.

Luxury for me would be to open my eyes and instead of the instant panic of daily life hitting me in the un- made up face. I would have spare hours .

For thinking.

For enjoying.

For just being me.


14 thoughts on “Just to be me ( Luxury)

  1. Wow I loved it 😊 I can totally relate to it with my post.
    It’s very true what you say, and honestly before writing it, I was actually thinking that luxury is kinda dull when talking about writing or art in general, but I was wrong (kind of glad I was 😆)

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