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What kind of person walks out on their life?

I have been wondering this for a while. In TV and in movies, it seems that people get up, pack bags and disappear all the time. Like this is the appropriate reaction. When things get tough, ship out!

But can this really be the answer in actual real life?

Are there people that can get away with it more than others? I have children. Does that mean that I have to stay put whatever the issue? Are my choices on a pack and run just utterly non-existent?

Is there ever a point in life where you actually have no other options? ( I would like to add here that in situations of violence, a person should pack and run regardless, that isn’t at all the situation I am exploring here and it is not at all, ever, acceptable)

I’ll be honest with you now and tell you, I am tempted. I mean, I know I wont. But the call of a different, less complicated life of mine is really quite appealing to me at times. I think we would all be lying if we said we have never indulged the thought of a different life. But what stops us? what sets apart the runners from the stayers? and could we ever switch sides if we wanted to?

Do people stay put, because they can’t stand the thought of failing something? Is running purely just the ultimate way to admit defeat? Maybe it’s fear that keeps us rooted to the spot, what if it is no better? What if it is worse?! But how can you possibly know before you try?

I think most of us ignore urges to run and try and find more because of the people that it will impact on. You’ll never ever get a clean break from you conscious, no matter what distance you manage to cover.

22 thoughts on “What kind of person walks out on their life?

  1. I’ve felt the urge to pack up and run before — in my first year of college, I was super unhappy and figured that the only way to escape my issues was to run away. I didn’t end up running, but I can definitely understand why people feel that urge; who doesn’t want a fresh start sometimes, even if it won’t be as fresh and new as we dream? A true show of adulthood, I think, is staying put in situations you don’t like (excluding, of course, situations of violence and abuse).

    Great post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. I think most people are too afraid to pack up on a whim the way it is shown on TV (barring, as you said, extreme situations involving violence or criminal activity.) But some people do leave after a considerable amount of preparation. Whether they should or not depends on the reasons, I suppose. If one is going towards something rather than away from something, I think it can be a sign of an adventurous spirit.

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  3. I keep wanting to move forward or at least develop mentally. To be honest it scares me to feel I might not move forward some day. Or even jump laterally. However sometimes circumstances force us to take a radically new perspective and it takes time to adjust. I hope though that when I might feel stale, so long as I can handle it, even if it takes support from others life pushes me somewhere else every so often. At least mentally if not physically.

    So thank you for your post- even without a clean break, a fuller understanding of the human condition I think grows from sharing as you have. Recently I have become housebound and it has the plus side of being able to write more, but the bitter taste is the strain on my household who have to put up with me. So I have to watch out for what I call for, it comes in all sorts of ways once the call is heard by the universe.

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  4. I did it…. It was a manic-depressive action. I decided to make a clean break. It took weeks of planning. Suicides are like that that. It was like that, I think. Destroying all old memories and records, hauling those memories to the dump–secretly, of course. Then a plane ticket to…didn’t know where. Didn’t care. But that is another part of the story. But I did chuck it all. It was an away from and a to at the same time. James Joyce said one had to leave family, church, country…. I was depressed–and did not know why. Thanks for opening up a really good thread here.

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  5. [Found you at the Community Pool]…I believe you can run physically, but not mentally. It’s best to breathe through whatever it is right where you are right now. Support helps too, as does meditation or prayer. I read a quote the other day which states: “Even the darkest hour is only 60 minutes long.” We have the ability to survive from way back. Once we learn how, we begin to live.

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  6. I’m doing it…kind of. I’ve lived in CT my whole life and I’m moving to CA in 10 days. I’m going because my boyfriend got into grad school at CalArts, but my main motivation is to kind of reinvent myself. I felt a lot of guilt for leaving at first, but I think it’s the right thing to do. I’m only 24 and I don’t have my own family yet, I feel like if it’s going to happen it should be now!

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  7. My urge to run as has been sufficed. I ran away from my hometown in Kansas. 2015 had been one hell of a year and I thought if I could start over things would get better. I feel like they have for the better. I ran to Nevada and I haven’t looked back. Running away lets you clear your head.

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  8. Reblogged this on The Old Colincampsite and commented:
    Twelve months ago I disappeared for a week. Within 2 hours of thinking about it I had boarded the train at Darlington and gone to Paris where I walked round for a week. I had been caring for my wife for 15 years and the day before she was put in a care home. It nearly finished me off. I will tell what has happened in the following 12 months later.


  9. I enjoy running (literally and figuratively). Fortunately I run not to shirk responsibilities, but to gain a new perspective so I can face them with a more appropriate mindset when I return. My recent solo trip to Europe (from Australia) was a case in point and it proved to be exactly what I needed! 🙂

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