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Beaches & bare feet

Have you ever struggled to find your sanctuary? I love a private beach as much as the next daydreamer, to spend all day barefoot on the sand, with a book and some drinks would be pretty great. But I am not sure even that would be enough for me to truly feel safe and rested and ‘escaped’ from life. I mean, i tried that this year ( ish ) and if anything the environment made me feel more anxious and demanded. I don’t think that is the idea.

If i am honest I think  I have always felt like people are my sanctuary. To me, there is no geography, there is no environment you can create, there is nothing like being surrounded by the right people. I am not one of those popular girls, I don’t  think I ever have been. But what I have been lucky enough to have is a teeny tiny group of people I am hopeful will be there for me if i need them. I realise how lucky I am in that respect and it isn’t something I would ever take for granted.

Some of these people I see all the time, some I don’t, some I actually rarely talk to. But that hasn’t always been the case. Our lives are different now from when we first met, but when I think back to the times when we met and when our lives were intrinsically linked, I realise why our friendships have lasted the distance. When so many others, either failed to even start, or disappeared into nothing once the initial meeting had passed.

The only thing that prevents the sanctuary of these relationships now is life. So much is going on, all the time. It’s a continual cycle of ups and downs and generally mediocreness, there was a time where I found myself constantly feeling disappointed in these people, when they couldn’t give me the support or the contact I needed when I needed it. Then it occurred to me that I probably never asked. I am sure that they would have been there if they realised. If I had reached out to them. I think we should all do that more.

Sanctuary for me? The right people, and ok. A beach and bare feet.





10 thoughts on “Beaches & bare feet

  1. Right now? I’m reading your blog. Listening to Puccini opera arias. Sipping iced tea. Holding my smart phone. THIS is sanctuary now. Sorry, I have to avoid sun and don’t like sand–any more. Ironically now living in Florida. I don’t need quiet for sanctuary.

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  2. “But what i have been lucky enough to have is a teeny tiny group of people i am hopeful will be there for me if i need them.”

    Very lucky indeed 🙂 I’ve found that having fewer “best” friends has worked better for me than having many acquaintances. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. [Found you at the Community Pool] Maya Angelou says, you should have your own back. That way disappointment doesn’t set in if the people in your life seem off and doing their own thing. I tend to reach out more than people reach out to me, but I’m cool with that because I also enjoy my own company. My sanctuary is my lovely home. I do like getting together however, and seem to do this just right for me. At least when I reach out it’s at a time when I have nothing on but spending quality time. I also travel near and far to see people. Not one of them has even been to my house. So Maya has got a point. Have your own back. You are right in speaking to sanctuary. We need one. May I suggest finding a beach where they rent wave-runners? Riding the waves and chasing wakes will keep your mind occupied. Final thought: There’s always two sides to every coin. The grass is always greener. Highest and Best!

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  4. I find that my primary sanctuary is reading. I just rarely have the time anymore it seems! I also do find sanctuary in certain people in my life; my husband, family, and I have a couple of close friends. I really like your posts!

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