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Emotionally frail no man’s land

I don’t mean to sound all dramatic but i feel like I am incredibly emotionally frail at the moment. There were times last week when I was sure I was literally on the verge of emotional crisis. But I feel like I did, eventually, manage to save myself from that particular brink. Though I think, for a while at least, I will still be teetering on the edge somewhere.  It wont take much to make me topple over but equally it wouldn’t take much to save me either. If you were the right person and if you knew how.

To be frail is to be weak and delicate – apparently once upon a time in the US It was a slang word for women. The independent part of me is horrified by this! To assume that we are all fragile flowers is entirely short sighted and frankly really quite offensive. This was from 1900 something though, I am optimistic that things have moved on! But is there something in it?

In my experience we are ( and I am generalising here, so bare with me ) much more emotional than men. Have you ever been in circumstances that make you would to disagree?  Is it that the emotional wiring of men is just so different or is it that they might just be a whole loads better at concealing things?

There are times in life where we will all find ourselves in an emotionally frail no man’s land. I think it is how we navigate out of it that is what counts, that is what will define us.


12 thoughts on “Emotionally frail no man’s land

  1. I hope things get better for you soon! I think that fragile feelings are a sign that we need to slow down and fix something in our lives; it doesn’t mean that a person isn’t strong, just that he or she is in a vulnerable place.

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  2. We are more emotional and vulnerable than men (and the feminist in me is screaming as I write this). You’ll get through it! Difficult as it may seem!
    For the sake of empathy, I’ve been feeling the same way over the last week. Yesterday, I clogged garbage disposal in my kitchen, and this was the catalyst I needed to just lose it (cry, be angry, etc.). It happens. Sometimes I find that overthinking it makes it worse for me.
    Thinking of you! Xoxo

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  3. I do hope you feel much better today. I agree with the person above who says feeling fragile and losing it is a sign that we’ve held “it” in too long. I find taking a few deep breaths helps to alleviate that overwhelming feeling. Best to you 🙂


  4. I can only speak for me but I would say that we (men) are just better at concealing it, hiding it, bottling it up and letting it affect us in whatever way it is going to.

    Also I guess if the emotion is more a happy one then we would be happy to let that out more visually as happy is more acceptable. But of course everyone is different men and women alike and so whilst some guys may be the same as what I’ve mentioned above there are some that are the polar opposite, same with women.

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  5. I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling this way-it’s a difficult place to be and I hope that you find your way out of this no man’s land soon. On a positive note I think it takes enormous strength to simply admit that you are feeling frail or vulnerable…maybe in doing so (admitting frailty) we gain strength…by looking at our feelings and acknowledging them publicly-well I think that shows your inner strength and courage & allows others to support you when you need it most…BIG HUG

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  6. [Found you at the Community Pool] Society used to discourage men from “feeling” their emotions. I still think they found a way to expel them however. Being rough and tumble is one way. Going to the gym is another. Sparring with another man; maybe fiercely competing at the office another. Secretly guying to the bartender, or in their cars, another. Women may not have thought they had the same outlets, but today is better. Crying is actually healthy. If it waylays depression, grab a box of tissues and go for it. I was in “survival mode” most of my life, so I couldn’t self-destruct or goodbye Jennifer. No time. No excuses. Finding your passion is a great way to stay grounded. Giving back to others who have a similar challenge [or worse] seems to also help. Just a few mentions. I wish you the highest and best!

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  7. Just as some people label women as frail, others label men as thoughtless, brutish and shallow. Emotionally barren is another term I’ve heard. Just like all women are not the same, most men are not either. I know many men, including myself, ARE in touch with their emotions, we just don’t process them the same way as women. We tend to be more literal, logical and reserved in our thoughts. We can come to good conclusions, but many men do have problems relating to and communicating on a deeper level with women. It’s just nature, we don’t see things the same way. Even so, don’t think we don’t care.

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