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Me. Life. Cowardice. 

I’m going to tell you more about me today. And my life. And the fear that brought me here in the first place.

It occurred to me that is the reason I write this blog, the reason I explain things and explore things here that I am too scared to do in real life. Its because I’m suffering from an insane case of life cowardice. It’s my safety net.

Sometimes I write things just because I’ve been part of a conversation and I am interested to explore the issue some more, I’m interested in gaining your perspectives ( it makes me happy when people comment with their point of view, their understanding – keep that up!) but other times I am trying to work things out because stuff is going on. Circumstances are confusing me and I just need to try and work it through. I wonder if it is obvious to you, which posts are which?

My home life if probably the middle class dream. But it’s still not enough for me. I crave independence and adventure and crazy passionate love and everything. I want all the things. I want to wake up everyday and be completely in awe of life and the happiness and exploration it brings. I want to learn things and know things and meet people and travel. I want to have relationships that matter. With people that respect me and who are open and honest and into me in an equal way that I am them.

But you see, I don’t feel like I can have all of that. I’m pretty stuck just now. So I write it all here, for you to read, for you to understand. To process. So i can indulge the dream. But what worries me is this: What if this is it? what if my cowardice is literally the only thing stopping me from finding all of the things i am looking for?


14 thoughts on “Me. Life. Cowardice. 

  1. I think I started blogging for the same reason–I was (am) confused about life, and needed to work some things out! I hope your writing brings you clarity, and that you find ways to bring adventure, love, and excitement into your life!

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  2. Cowardice is a tricky thing: there’s a fine line between cowardice and critical thinking (i.e. not doing something because the idea is of questionable quality). The important thing is to not let unhealthy fear control you: travelling is great! Go for it! Save some money, ask some friends (if you want), and adventure on! But quitting a job without having money or a means of supporting yourself to travel? Maybe not so much.

    My point is this: don’t let fear stop you. There are plenty of ways to be happy and do those things you mention — meet people, learn things, etc. You just have to stick with it! 🙂

    Good luck!

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    1. Well, I started with the blog to actually vent it out :). I think sometimes letting someone completely unknown in on your thoughts might relieve your and in process sometime you even end up helping someone going through similar circumstances (nothing beat’s that actually, to be helpful – even just a fraction of percentage )

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