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Knowing when enough is enough

How long is long enough when you realise something isn’t going to work out? I’ve been discussing this with a really good friend of mine lately, mainly in respect to her circumstances. But it’s got me thinking.  I’m generally an all or nothing kind of person. So for me, if I’m not all in, then I do wonder whether there is any point to continuing at all.

I know many people who persist even when things have deteriorated, like they have this insane sense of determination to battle on to prove it ( though to who, I’m never quite sure) to defy the odds and to be the survivors. But is this really a long term solution? Do we really have the luxury of time enough to do this?

If things are still good, but you know there is no long term, what then?  Should you just hang around waiting for the inevitable to happen, or is it just much more sensible to jump ship? To try and save yourself. Before it gets messy, before  it gets too … everything.

I often wonder what is the brave answer? Is it to continue, to hope?, to invest? Or is it being the one who has the confidence and self belief enough to call time. To dust off. To reflect.

To move on.

To start again.

11 thoughts on “Knowing when enough is enough

  1. Great questions! I think I large contributing factor is to know what the intentions are of the relationship. And the conditions too. I guess it depends on your beliefs on the value of relationships as well

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      1. You definitely should, I try to remember what I’ve been thinking about at work and then come home and put it down on paper, feels good to get it out and even better when someone has a read so thank you 😀 I’ve followed your blog 🙂

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  2. Wonderful post! It really made me think, but it also made me curious! I think there are so many factors that go into deciding whether to stay in a situation, but it also depends on the situation!

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