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Is our pleasure someone else’s pain?

It seemed incredibly fitting that today’s prompt word is Pleasure, because I have been thinking about how it is so often the way that the things that give us pleasure, in turn cause someone else pain.

This is probably just human nature, this is especially the case in relationships. There is a fine line of balance to be struck. ( it’s essentially  almost impossible to get this right – we’ll probably all die trying!)

We don’t consider the impact of our pleasure on others I don’t think, we, maybe selfishly? just embrace and enjoy it. We shouldn’t feel bad in that, I’m sure of it, everyone does it.

What I am interested to know is if you can enjoy things as an individual without causing any impact on others? I think often you can, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything, it just means it didn’t seem important enough to share. Or it might mean that they don’t care I guess , but people that don’t care shouldn’t have consideration in this situation anyway. So we can discount them.

I guess what I am really getting at is this. How can we satisfy ourself in our need and wants and pleasures, without the sacrifice of others?


5 thoughts on “Is our pleasure someone else’s pain?

  1. Interesting!
    U know, we are encouraged to learn to love ourself first before we can truly love someone. Optimistically speaking, I think we can also bring pleasure to the others and gain pleasure for ourselves too, not just cause pain 🙂

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