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Tweeting Twitter

I must be one of the last people on the planet to get truly into Twitter. So, i tweet this blog. But that is it. I don’t follow anyone and no-one follows me. Yet. 

It just seems like a completely minefield, a whole other language! and im scared that it is like a virtual popularity contest and I have never been very good at winning those! (virtual or not!)

I know actual real people that have the best part of 7k followers, which is mental! I have no idea how they have achieved this. Just by writing short statements, jokes, thoughts, nonsense.  They have phone screens full of notifications all through the day and the night. 

What if you have an ‘off’ day, do people just ‘un-follow’ you and move on? is that kind of fickle attitude actually a welcome addition to everyday life? 

But also on the flip side I know many people that have huge support networks and friendship groups that span continents. This availability of Someone to speak to 24/7 can only be a good thing, can only improve self worth and self confidence. 

I feel like I’m missing out. So go on. Follow me (#f ?!?!)  @lifehostage32, introduce yourselves – show me what all the fuss is about! 

10 thoughts on “Tweeting Twitter

  1. I have a twitter but I mostly use it to keep track of other people. I have friends who post more on twitter than other social media sites, and I use it to follow youtubers so I know when they post new videos I want to see. But that’s about it. It’s hard to use, I think!

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