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What does happiness look like? (And where do you find it) 

I have been wondering lately what it is that happiness looks like. Is it measurable? Is there like a scale where at say 1 you are miserable, 5 you are meh and 10 you are ecstatic? Is my daily search for happiness in vain because we will never actually be able to tell if I get there?  

Obviously it is an emotional state, a feeling, a being maybe. But clearly it is incredibly complex because two people can be in exactly the same situation, path of life, relationship Etc and one of them could be feeling entirely happy and content and the other could be feeling sad or mediocre. 

For the lucky ones in life, I guess happiness just turns up and stays around. For others, like me, it has to be searched for and constantly worked at, maintained even. But I think the question I ask myself the most frequently is:

What does happiness look like to me? 

Because without knowing that, how can we ever  be truly happy? You wouldn’t even attempt to look for anything else without knowing what you were looking for first would you? 

By the very nature of an adult life, your needs, expectations, values, everything, changes constantly so I guess so do the requirements of happiness. In this continual cycle of living it seems pretty unlikely we can always be totally happy. But we should at least know what it might look like, so when we are searching we have a decent chance of finding it. 


4 thoughts on “What does happiness look like? (And where do you find it) 

  1. I love this! Happiness looks different for everyone and once we realize that, we can decide what it looks like individually. The only way that we will be truly happy is to find happiness within ourselves.


  2. I like what you about people being the same situation,but having different feelings about it. This is very true. I guess that it is safe to say then that happiness also depends on our personal outlook in life. I know that the more grateful we are with what we have, the easier it is for us to be happy and content. Happiness doesn’t make us grateful, but gratefulness does makes us happier. Also, some people find it difficult to be happy because they think happiness is associated with the grand things- we often fail to realize that it is also in the small things like the good conversation with your mom, the laughter with your friends, the time spent in doing the thing that you love, or an 8 hours of sleep! 😊
    But personally for me, happiness is when I have a good healthy relationship with myself, with others and with God! 😊

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