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The makers & the breakers ..

I got told once, there are two types of people in your life. The people that make You and the people that break you. I am not entirely sure that things are this clean cut and straightforward but I think I agree in the most part. Apparently the trick is to work out which people are which and then decide which people to surround yourself with. I mean that sounds sensible doesn’t it?

I think there is probably a third category, and those are the people that test us. Those are the people that have our best interests at heart in the most part. But take it upon themselves to provide challenge. Probably where it is isn’t either wanted or required! I am not sure how I feel about those people if I am honest. I feel like I provide plenty of challenge to myself and feel it completely  unnecessary to contract this out to others!

Because I know I spend the majority of my time writing about the things I am scared of and unhappy about and want to run away from . Today  I am only going to talk about the people that make me. I am going to cast aside those who are sent to break me. They are un-important and un-invited and I feel like, in one way or another, they receive enough attention.

I wondered what it is that defines which category a person fits in, is it decided the moment you meet? or does this first encounter mean absolutely nothing in the longer term? The reason I ask this is because in the last 12 months my life has been heavily influenced for the better by one person. Who on first meeting I was sure was out to break me, to argue with me, to make things difficult. I couldn’t see a single thing that we had as common ground, we were going to be thrown together in a professional capacity and I thought it was going to be a bit of a car crash of personalities if I am perfectly honest.

What I didn’t realise was, none of that was how it was going to be. Actually this person is now my best friend, the person I choose to spend my time with, the person I want to tell when something funny or interesting happens. They probably have no idea how much they have given me this year, how much they have influenced me and my choices and how entirely grateful I am for it all. Sometimes you meet people and you wonder what you did before they rocked up and changed your outlook, before your eyes were opened to new things.

In my opinion, the people that make us, are few and far between, but their impact is pretty significant. Sometimes I think we are too reserved in telling people who make a difference to us how amazing that is, it isn’t something we should take for granted. They won’t always be around to prop us up, life happens and things change but the imprint will most probably last a lifetime. And that is pretty incredible.

( This persons reads sometimes, so maybe they know now)






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