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My favourite things

Do you know what? There is absolutely nothing better than a day spent watching trashy movies and having sofa cuddles. Throw in some pizza and some home-baked goods and you are looking at a practically perfect day, in every way. These are the kind of days where suddenly it’s 4pm and you didn’t notice time passing, when you wish you could rewind because it is rubbish when it is over. Because when you are in it, nothing else matters, it’s happiness and cosiness, it’s a lovely day.

Most of my favourite things these days involve spending time with special people, I like to go for a drink after work, I like to meet friends for lunch, I like to walk in the park, I like to cuddle ( a lot) I like to talk and to share and to learn about people. I like to share their favourite things. I like to watch movies I’d never pick, listen to songs I’d never select, I like to eat foods that I never eat. I would say I like to read books I’d never read. But that generally doesn’t go well. For some reason I just don’t seem to do well with book recommendations despite the fact I generally enjoy all other aspects of shared taste with these people!

I still enjoy the gym, though I don’t seem to have the motivation at the moment, this needs to change! I like to drink a glass of wine ( alright, maybe 2 0r 3) I do like to read, I am trying to get through some of the ‘classics’ this year. I finished Pride & Prejudice but I had to  abandon Wuthering Heights – honestly, it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read ( and I apologise, because I know lots of people LOVE it)  I have lots more on my list. But my guilty pleasure is trash. I just love a trashy love story, with a happy ending. I’ve often been known to cry on planes and trains when reading … at the time I’ve never notice people around me who care. It probably doesn’t give the best impression though! I can read one or two books in a weekend,I like to be absorbed, to escape and to fantasise I guess.

I love to travel, I have been to many places, but there is still so much to see. I still have the bug, the world is massive, cultures are so different, there is so much to do, so much to embrace. I keep hopeful that despite all the chaos of my life, I’ll still get the opportunities I crave for travelling. For experiencing.

It is interesting how our favourite things change so significantly all the time, like a few years ago, the choices I would make based on my preferences would be vastly different to now. I guess we change as time marches on. I still like to get dressed up and go and out, but now I would rather go out for dinner, than to a bar. Though if I was out with the girls, I would still love to go dancing.Hopefully at some point they will resurface on ‘the other side’ of the baby cycle and we can, again, enjoy these things together.

Friendships ( and relationships) are built upon shared favourite things. But I don’t understand why some people search for a lifetime for someone who shares their tastes so specially. It must be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Because what I learned is this.

You need people with different favourite things to enhance each other lives. Because lets face it, as I said right back at the start.

The best things, my favourite things, are the simple ones.

They are the sofa cuddles and the conversations.


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