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The relationship between sunshine and (my) happiness

So, it is beautiful outside today. I ate my lunch in the park, by the river. It was lovely. It was really busy though, it is like everyone had the same idea. It’s like springtime is finally bothering to turn up. And as a result everything feels happier and brighter. Well, I certainly do.

I had a quick Google, as I was under the impression that everyone felt better when the sun is out. It appears that I am mistaken! So, for 50% of the population – the weather has absolutely no effect on their mood or state of mind! In fact sunshine can, apparently make people more aggressive and frustrated. Other research has shown that good  weather does improve mood and creativity. So, who actually bloody knows! I find it hard to believe that half the people who walk around this planet don’t get affected on dark, soulless, rainy days, or feel brighter and more motivated on sunny ones. But each to their own I guess.

I think it is easier to chase away the negativity on days spent in the outdoors, when you spend all day at a desk, with no windows in sight, it can wear you down. But the sunshine on your face and a refreshing breeze instantly makes me feel more positive. It is on days like this when I think ( momentarily) that I can probably do anything. That it doesn’t matter how difficult or far fetched things seem, there must be a way of achieving them. I wonder if the worlds economy moves faster, with sunshine enthusiasm or does the opposite happen because everyone wants to up and leave their work place and spend their days having picnics and reading novels. ( I mean, I would if I had the chance)

They say there is such a thing as SAD  ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) and winter is properly hard going for some people. But I love knitwear. I love a cosy jumpers. I love hiding on grumpy days. Give me a sunny, sunglasses wearing, cold, knitwear day and I’ll be happy. But there is something about springtime and warmer days that bring out the happiness in me. Lets hope the British weather plays ball this year. It makes us all feel better, I am sure of it.




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