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It’s good to talk (?)

I think it was some advertising genius on behalf of British Telecom that first started that slogan. I guess it is good to keep in touch with the people you don’t see in person so much. But is it really good to talk? I have been thinking about this quite a lot lately. A good friend of mine swears by the fact that talking, to a professional in many circumstances, helps organise things and make him clear with want he thinks and wants from life. He thinks ( and i am a massive fan of his, so value this opinion)  i should see a counsellor too – but honestly? i am scared. I don’t see what benefit it would be to turn my life upside down by saying out loud all of the things that churn around in my mind.

That is largely why i started this blog, because writing some of the things down helps, although i know not many people are listening (reading) – i am ok with that. Let’s be honest, i am not in it f or the fame! I am for the process, to try and make some logical sense out of some of it and sometimes, just writing things down. Like my last post, i was hurt. I was sad. But i told you, and i felt better. It’s been a week and it feels like a life time ago. I suppose that is a good thing. It’s like therapy. Except it’s on page. And it is free.

I also like the anonymity of this. Like, if i rocked up to a session, it would be me sitting there exposing myself to external scrutiny. I know that the main things that i would eventually need to fess up to, i would hate to hear to come from my mouth. So why would i honestly want to do this even once? let alone weekly over a course of 6-12 weeks? that sounds like a form of torture, not something that would help.

But am I wrong? Am i missing out on something that would actually be insightful? that might help? that could restore peace and order in my usual muddled and complex mind? I feel like i am being held back by fear. But also, is it ok to organise your mind, know the right from wrong and then still not change anything? Or is the whole point that you work it out and then act on it?

Do any of you know?


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