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Waking up to winter

So it feels like winter has finally turned up somewhere to the south east (ish) of London. It has taken a while. No one was really prepared I don’t think,for the insane drop in temperature and the drivers who forget how to drive and just the sheer amount of clothing you need to survive. Now I know that some of you readers are based in much colder climates, where it can be like -28 and everything still works. I can assure you that is not the case in Blighty.

So along side with the sudden cold snap, it was, apparently the most miserable day of the year on Monday. This was reported across the national press and social media. It’s probably the result of this ‘moral panic’ that actually makes everyone depressed, rather than the day itself. Though January is dragging a bit. And god knows we would all like it to already be payday. That would be good. I have spoken to many people, who are usually pretty upbeat people and it seems like the post Christmas blues have even got to them. This doesn’t bode well for me, I have an almost daily battle against the grey pretty much whatever the season. It’s the chirpy ones that keep me going. That pick me up, that make me laugh. What is it about January that does this to people? it is the same for people who have January in the middle of their summer? like is Australia, or New Zealand? Or does the weather have to be cold and grey and miserable, to ensure that along with the feeling of post Christmas fat and lack of funds in the bank we crave change and happier times.

These are the kind of days that are meant for hiding deep under the duvet with the people that make you smile. For bowls of soup and cups of tea and movies and sofa cuddles. It’s certainly not the time for the office ( complete with 45 minute fire drill – outside half freezing to death ) and then gym on the way home. At the same time I am trying not to eat anything, but the first bags of Candbury’s mini eggs are in the shops for Easter and they taste so good, there will be a bag in my fridge door now for the next 4 months. But it is dark when you get up and dark when you get home and its so much more difficult to be bright and cheery in these kind of conditions, without the help of chocolate.

I’m fending for myself and the small people alone at the moment too. I think it is probably much easier to be the one working away. To be alone in a hotel room, to have room service, to think only of yourself and your job for a couple of weeks. He has always claimed to get the tough end of the deal but I can’t understand it! I am pretty certainly he wouldn’t actually survive two weeks alone with the small folk. Let alone getting everyone out of the house by 7.45am in sub zero temperatures, getting everyone where they need to be, and still arriving at work on time ( with a change of shoes obviously because you can’t run about in icy conditions with a skinny heel can you? )

Meh, January, I am really not a fan. At least February has something romantic to offer. Even if the reality fails to live up to the expectation, at least we will have hope.



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