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New year eh?

So even if you had been asleep for the last few days you only had to walk into my gym this morning to realise that Christmas was over and it was January in a brand new year. It was crazy. It was like wall to wall new years resolutions, people properly motivated and convinced this is the year that they will meet their personal fitness goals. Unfortunately, as happened last year, we will get to mid march and it will be back to the same old faces, though a few newbies might survive, the initial good will and intentions will fade and normal service will resume. Whatever that is.

I haven’t really made new years resolutions in my adult life. Probably for the very reason above, that the intent fades and you forget why it was so important to you in the first place, or it is just too difficult and then you have to go through the rest of the year annoyed at yourself that you didn’t manage to keep at that one thing that was your goal when the clock chimed midnight.

I have, however spent the last couple of days thinking about what things are going to be important to me this year and what things in my life i would like to impact on. I have avoided thinking of them as ‘changes’ as that kind of indicates that i am not happy with the way they are now which is absolutely not necessarily the case. Apart from the eternal wish to wake up one day aged 25 again ( but thinner and more beautiful, obviously) i am not really sure where to start.

I need to spend  more time being a parent i think. It’s hard to juggle everything. I think i always thought because this has always been the situation with me as a full time working mum that they didn’t actually notice that i wasn’t there a lot of the time. Recent events have caused me to re – think this, and helpfully ( or not) there are one or two very vocal people in my life who just love to point out that all the crazy bad behaviour of my two gorgeous princesses is absolutely due to the fact i don’t spend enough time with them. So that is definitely an area of my life of which i need to focus.

I probably also need a new job, there is nothing like missing out on a promotion at work because you screwed up the interview ( yep) then finding out the person who beat you to it is going to be your new line manager. It is likely that i will need to move on so my soul isn’t completely crushed!

Relationships. This is a tricky one. We can never tell how these are going to go over time. This is true of friendships as well. As i said in my 2015 round-up post. A lot of my old friends seem to be suffering from real life friend absenteeism at the moment. I can only hope that this is temporary and they find themselves back to me in time. I hope 2016 brings new friends and opportunities for leaning more about the people who are relatively new in my life. Some of these people have given me a new perspective and i like that. I like to be surprised and i absolutely  love it when people are so much more than you think they are going to be.

As well as wishing for all the normal health and happiness, i am hopeful i can pull off a couple of positive steps re home / work / friends. But i  also want to have the confidence and the courage to embrace the unexpected. Sometimes it is good for you and even when it is not, it’s an experience.


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