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Taking Risks – fearless or foolish?

I found myself in a situation yesterday where I took a risk. I mean, no one was going to die as a result, but it was significant none the less. The impact could have been tremendous, and the result left me terrified ( usual) and racked with guilt ( alien) .

Apparently ( and the result of a quick Google search!) we take more risks when we are happier and when the sun shines and if we are someone who stays up later at night – plus the more risks you take, the more likely you are to take risks. So that conclusive then.

I can tell you that it is November, In England so the sun definitely wasn’t shining yesterday, nor am I a massive night owl. But I have found myself doing more and more things lately that I consider to be ‘risky’. In the same Google search there was information about teenagers and their need for risk, though this doesn’t exactly sound like rocket science does it? I think we all could probably admit to some pretty miscalculated risks during our teenage years. So I guess some of us grow out of it and some of us don’t?

I spent last night thinking about what drives us to abandon all of our senses and take a leap with something that could be damaging to us. This could be as black and white as extreme sports, cage diving with sharks, base jumping, skydiving. Or it could be something softer, more emotional something that is a risk to our feelings, our relationships our mental well-being.

Is it the key driver of this the search for happiness? Is our subconscious doing all the work in weighing up the pros and cons or sometimes do we just act without thinking. Yesterday I definitely thought about it, I knew the answer, yet I still went on to ignore it. I am not sure why. I suppose I did get a thrill of happiness momentarily – similar to the adrenaline rush you might get from the skydive but when reality hit, the crash was overwhelming and left me questioning almost the everything I have known to be true.

Is it the fearless or the foolish that take risks? I think it is probably both. But the fearless cope better with the aftermath.




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